Personal Chef-Services Policy


Please make sure your kitchen available to your Chef at the arrival time of the event or cook date. Have as much counter space cleared off as possible. Have as much refrigerator space cleared as possible. Also, if there is a dishwasher, it would be best to have it emptied prior to the Chef's arrival. In the event you are not at home at the time the Chef needs to enter your home to prepare for your event/cook date, please make sure to leave the Chef with detailed instructions on entering your home, as well as a cell phone number at which to reach you. On the day of the event/cook date, Chef Gray may be reached via the cell phone number:

559-415-5600 or email:
Minor menu substitutions may be made as needed due to availability of seasonal ingredients and/or product quality. Any significant changes will be approved in writing prior to the date of the event. Chef Gray is not responsible for reasonable/accidental wear and tear on kitchen equipment, facilities, or for breakage.


Deposit/Cancellation (For Private Events):

A deposit is a required for a private event, Chef Gray will set the amount at 50% of total estimated price. If you are forced to cancel your event with less than 3 days by 12:00 p.m. notice, then your deposit will be held for the cancellation fee. If your event is cancelled within (2) weeks of the event a cancellation fee of $200.00 will be assessed. If any deposit remains after the $200.00 fee, the rest will be credited back to you.


Event payments must be made directly to Chef Gray by Cash, Check, Money Order, or Credit Card. Final Payment is due on the day of the event, once the services have been rendered.

Any amount due that is not paid when due, Chef Gray may engage in an attorney for collection purposes, or in connection with any bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings, whether or not litigation is commenced, then you shall pay the attorney's fees, expenses and court costs in addition to the full amount due hereunder.
This policy is subject to change without notice.