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Privacy Policy

Protecting your personal information is a priority to us.

At Chef Gray LLC we respect your privacy pertaining  to any information collected while operaiting our website.This privacy policy was developed in order for you to better understand how we use, collect,communicate, disclose and otherwise use your  personal information.

  • The collection of personal information will be collected lawfuly and with the knowledge/consent of the individual.

  • Identifying the purposes for the information being collected is done before or at the time that personal information is collected.

  • Personal information is collected soley for fulfilling the purposes specified by us or other necessary purposes, unless consent is obtained from individual concerned or required by law.

  • Personal information should be relevant to the purposes for which it is to be used. Information should be accurate, complete and upto date.

  • Protection of personal information is done using security safeguards agsinst theft, loss, copying, disclosure, use, modification and unauthorized access.

  • We will make customer information about our policies and practices relating to management of personal information readily available.

  • Personal information will only be retained as long as necessary to fulfill it purpose.


Chef Gray LLcC is committed to conducting business in accordance with these principles to ensure the confidentiality of personal information is protected. Chef Gray LLC may change this policy without notice. 

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